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Common name: Five finger, Puahou Botanical name: Pseudopanax arboreus
Family: Araliaceae (Aralia family) Maximum height: 8 metres


Where found:
  • Sea level to 760 m
  • Tolerates a variety of sites from poor soils to soils that are wet to dry
  • Mature forest/regenerating forest/forest margins and open scrub.
  • Much branched, round-headed tree with thick, brittle, spreading branches.
  • Small tree - it can be epiphytic on tree fern trunks, with its roots descending to the ground.
  • Compound 5 to 7 leaflets 10-20 cm long by 4-7 cm wide, leathery, with coarsely serrated margins.
  • Male and female flowers on different trees. The sweet-scented flowers are borne in June to September.
  • The bark of young 5 finger is relatively smooth with dark streaks.
  • Birds eat the small dark purple fruit.
  • Tolerant of frost/wind/salt. Environmental Tolerances - key
  • Leaves, flowers, buds and fruit palatable to possums


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