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Common name: Wharangi, koheriki Botanical name: Melicope ternata
Family: Rutaceae (Rue family) Maximum height: 7 metres


Where found:

  • Coastal forest margins
  • Uncommon
  • Up to 300 metres
  • A spreading branching shrub with slender pale yellow-green branchlets
  • Leaves are bright yellow-green, with three leaflets (5-10cm x 2-4cm), thin, slightly leathery with wavy margins, lemon-scented when crushed
  • Yellow green flowers (10mm across) occur in pairs, flowering September to November
  • Fruit is a dry wrinkled capsule with four lobes
  • Black and glossy seeds (5mm long) from September to October


Click on image for larger picture
Click on image for larger picture
PHOTO: Peter Winter

Click on image for larger picture
PHOTO: Peter Winter






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