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Common name: NZ passion vine, kohia Botanical name: Passiflora tetrandra
Family: Passifloraceae (passion-flower family) Maximum height: n/a


Where found:

  • Lowland forests, forest margins
  • A high climbing liana up to 10 metres tall that forms thick masses over trees and shrubs, soft-wooded with flexible cylindrical branches, slender branchlets and tendrils
  • Alternate, dark green, leathery leaves with wavy margins are oval/oblong with pointed tips (5-10cm x 2-3cm), the surface is glossy with a pale undersurface
  • Cream flowers singly or in groups up to 4, flowering from October to December dioecious
  • Leathery orange fruit 25-30mm long, inedible but popular with birds


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PHOTO: Peter Winter

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