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Common name: Pseudopanax (Raukaua) anomalus Botanical name: Pseudopanax (Raukaua )anomalus
Family: Araliaceae (Aralia family) Maximum height: 3 metres


Where found:

  • Lowland and montane forest, forest margins and lowland scrub
  • A shrub with densely divaricating branches, young branches are covered in small bristly hairs
  • Adult leaves (1-2cm x 1-1.5cm) have slightly toothed margins and dark spot at leaf base; juvenile leaves have three leaflets (trifoliate)
  • Flowers are minute, greenish white, star shaped, occurring singly or in clusters of up to 10 along the main branches, flowering from November to January
  • Fruit is a small (4-5mm) flattened white berry with purple markings


Click on image for larger picture
Click on image for larger picture
PHOTO: Colin Ogle





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