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Common name: Putaputaweta Botanical name: Carpodeus serratus
Family: Escalloniaceae Maximum height: 10 metres


Where found:

  • Coastal to montane forests, streamsides and damp places
  • Small tree with flat, fan like branches, the juvenile plants have slender zigzagged interlacing branches
  • Juvenile leaves are broad and oval (1-3cm x 1-2cm), adult leaves are oval, thin, leathery with black mottles, the margins are finely serrated (4-6cm x 2-3cm), new leaves sometimes have a red tinge
  • Small white starlike flowers (5-6cm) are clustered on panicles up to 5cm long, flowering from November to March
  • Fruit is a black capsule 4-6mm


Click on image for larger picture
Click on image for larger picture
PHOTO: Peter Winter





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