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Common name: Swamp maire, maire tawake Botanical name: Syzygium maire
Family: Myrtaceae Maximum height: 15 metres


Where found:

  • Lowland to montane, boggy and swamp forests
  • Can grow in very wet ground
  • Up to 450 metres
  • A tree with a spreading canopy and a trunk up to 60cm diameter
  • Shiny yellow green leaves are opposite in pairs, often marked by small blisters and dark patches, the margins are wavy and curve under
  • Flowers (12mm) with small pink petals in clusters on single stalks
  • Bright red berries have a hard outer coating (12mm)
  • Smooth white bark
  • Commonly has pneumataphores (breathing roots like mangroves) that protrude above ground


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Click on image for larger picture
PHOTO: Barry Hartley

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PHOTO: Peter Winter





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