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Common name: Kaikawaka, pahautea,
NZ cedar
Botanical name: Libocedrus bidwillii
Family: Cupressaceae Maximum height: 20 metres


Where found:

  • Montane to subalpine forest on Mt Taranaki/Egmont
  • Between 250 and 1200 metres above sea level
  • Distinctive scattered emergent wind-shorn kaikawaka occur in places in the lower parts of the scrub and shrubland belt, especially on the Pouakai range
  • Tree with cone shaped head and spreading branches, no branches close to the ground
  • The scaly foliage is triangular with compressed leaves about 2 mm long which grow in rows
  • Cones grow at the tips of the foliage with separate female and male cones occurring on the same tree
  • Thin parchment like bark which falls in long narrow strips
  • Heavily browsed by possums


Click on image for larger picture

Click on image for larger picture
PHOTO: Barry Hartley

PHOTOS: Barry Hartley

PHOTOS: Barry Hartley





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