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Nodding thistle (Carduus nutans)
Family: Asteraceae
Nodding thistle is an erect, annual or biennial plant that begins as a flat rosette and flowers up to 2 m tall. It has spiny leaves and ‘nodding’, fragrant, pink or purple flowers.
Other names:
Musk thistle, bastard scotch thistle.
Values at risk:

Ecological values, through competition with, and the exclusion of, native plants along forest and riparian margins, and in low and disturbed forest.

Agricultural production, particularly in planted forests and pasture areas. .

Strategy rule:

In the areas shaded red in the map, you must destroy all nodding thistle, plumeless thistle and variegated thistle on your property.

In the areas shaded green in the map, you must destroy any nodding, plumeless and variegated thistle on your property for 100 m inside your boundary.

Throughout Taranaki it is illegal to knowingly distribute or sell these thistles such as in hay.

What is the 'Pest Management Strategy' for Taranaki?

How to destroy:

Mulch with mechanical cutters.

Grub or dig out of small seedlings.

Use herbicides.

Guidance on using herbicides



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Nodding thistle

nodding thistle map

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